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Apache模块 mod_dav_fs

说明 mod_dav访问服务器上的文件系统提供支持
状态 扩展(E)
模块名 dav_fs_module
源文件 mod_dav_fs.c


This module requires the service of mod_dav. It acts as a support module for mod_dav and provides access to resources located in the server's file system. The formal name of this provider is filesystem. mod_dav backend providers will be invoked by using the Dav directive:


Dav filesystem

Since filesystem is the default provider for mod_dav, you may simply use the value On instead.


说明 Location of the DAV lock database 语法 DavLockDB file-path 作用域 server config, virtual host 状态 扩展(E) 模块 mod_dav_fs

Use the DavLockDB directive to specify the full path to the lock database, excluding an extension. If the path is not absolute, it will be taken relative to ServerRoot. The implementation of mod_dav_fs uses a SDBM database to track user locks.


DavLockDB var/DavLock

The directory containing the lock database file must be writable by the UserGroup under which Apache is running. For security reasons, you should create a directory for this purpose rather than changing the permissions on an existing directory. In the above example, Apache will create files in the var/ directory under the ServerRoot with the base filename DavLock and extension name chosen by the server.